About A2 Motorcycle Driving Licence

2 Motorcycle Driving Licence

Ones who has any class of driving licence and wants to take  A2 motorcycle Licence can register  provisional booking with driving licence and certificate of birth
They will bring
documents required in 10 days after registration

Exam: Our candidates must  pass the written examination which has 20 question and then when they are sucessfull they take driving exam. All after that they are going to take A2 motorcycle driving licence


Before get into Motorcycle;
Helmet , protected Jacket  and motor gloves must be worn before get into Motorcycle
To concentrate the traffic and keep your distance
To hold your head high as possible as to see far
Look at the mirrors often and also look at right and left sides for checking sides.

When and how fall of from Motorcycle;
 * If you do block front blakes you fall
 * If there is
slickness where you stop you fall
  * If there is a pit ın the stopping area you can fall
  * In the wet or sandy area if you turn  with high speed you fall
  * If you load passenger who don't have motorcycle expeience you fall
  * If you lose motorcycle from center of gravity in the turns you fall
  * In the fresh air ıf you drive without gloves you fall because your hands lose its sensibility
  * Dont move before warning passenger
  * Dont drinking and driving

 * If you get closer to bus with 190 km speed you can get turbulence
 * If you drive on one wheel you fall
 * If you forget gear on working mode you fall

Drivind on Rainy days  
 There will be front glass in motorcycle.Wheels must be well kept and cogs deepness are adequate

Be sure that all the signs and lights are working Your raincoats and boots must be waterproof.
Your helmet must be closed. and your gloves big toe or first finger must be suete for wiping viewfinder 

your far lights must be open before begin to drive. Not secure to drive in nights and rainy weathers.

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