About Safety Belt Usage


Why safety belt is necessary ?
Benefits of safety belts are seen in all categories. Most effective ones are in seen in accidents which are ended with death  or injury.

Safety belts :
  1. To minimize the shakes in body which occur after crash,
  2. To shepherd towards the crash effect to  the strongest point of body
  3. To supply diffusion of the crash effect to whole body.
  4. To prevent jump up from seat on the accident time
  5. To guard head and spinal cord

According to these specialities most of the people do not want to use safety belts.they have lots of excuse .Here some of them and some informations :


  • "Safety Belt is up to no good in short distances ..."

    Actually safety belt must use in short distances. Because 80 % of  fatal accidents come across 30-35 km far away from home. Also 35% of deaths come across in inner city accidents.
  • "Safety Belt is up to no good in low speed drivings ..."

    If you do not use safety belt , injury rates is also too much during drive 30 km/h To crash with the 50km/h speed have the same effect to fallen from 4th floor!!!
  • "I am a good driver , I do not do any accidents ..."

    May be you are a good driver and you do not do any accidents but are you sure that bad drivers come and do not crash you ?

  • "I prefer sally from vehicle ..."

    It is proved that best place is in your vehicle in the accident time
    statisticscally Death risk is 25 times more if you sally from vehicle. It is impossible to sally out of vehicle without hit anything. Safety belt is the only thing which connect you to life.
  • "I am afraid that safety belt locked me into the vehicle in accident time ..."

    People who use safety belt have living change 3 times more in sinking and 5 times more in fire. Also getting cauth in safety belt is too rare and do not shown in scientificial inspections and accident inquiries.
  • "Safety belt is distrubed ..."

    Actually modern safety belts are very modern. Most of them permit you acted as you like and lonly locked in accidents. For other ones you can loosen as you want. If you are adicted to use safety belts it doesn't bother you
  • "Safety belts cause disadvantages for pregnants ..."

    In vehicle accidents death of fetus may be cause death of mother. The best safety for your non birth child is usage of 3 point safety belt. If two lines are used correctly there are no problem for mother and baby
  • "Safety belt is my  problem it's no concern of others ..."

    Traffic accidents have trillion costs to public. Public carry costs of  first aid , training etc. People  theraphy who do not use safet belt is more difficult  and longer than people who use safety belt.

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