Fuel Saving

What can be done for fuel saving?

 Usage of auto is effect the fuel consumption. Fule consumption  
will be  decrease or increase according to usage
 No to heat the idling condition. Heat the idling condition is increase the fuel consumption.You can drive along 1 km instead of heatind idling condition in 3 minutes. So it is necessary to stop the engine in long term waitings.
 It is luxury to use vehicle in short distances. Walking is much more healtier and cheaper
 To change gear in correct time and drive in economical gear. To use first gear only waft the vehicle after that change to second third or fourth gear according to your speed immediately.
Engine speed change according to changing of gears. By using  of the coreect level  fuel saving is increase.
 So it is important to know drive in which gear. 

 To drive according to road and traffic conditions
  Adapt to traffic and not to look infront of the vehicle , looking far away distances  is the part of driving according to traffic and be calm.
 Also use the back mirror during driving. To give enough distances between the front car and not to change lines ever so often. If you should slow down pull your foot from gas pedal on the time

It is more advisible to let others that over take to left in order to over take to left. The more empties in gas pedal the much more save fuel.

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