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It is the machine that translate the heat energy to mechanical energy


According to Tımes
4 cycle engine

2- 2 cycle engine

According to kinds of Fuels
1- Gases motors

2- Diesel motors

3- LPG motors

According to places of fuel burns

1- Internal combustion  engines

2- External combustion  engines

According to production properties

1- As Series

2- Horizontal against

3- Join with  angles as series type ( V type)

4- As circle (Star Type)

According to cylinder digit :

1- With one cylinder
With multi cylinder

According to Cooling System:

1- Water Cooling

2- Air Cooling



1- Block cast Cylinder :It is main part which can carry parts of motors on it 

2- Cylinder Cover: It is an cover that closed the cylinder  block and occurs the combustion chamber

3- Crank Chamber :It is depot for motor oil and part been below the Block cast Cylinder

4- Clack Valve:It is guard clack from outside influences.

5- Heather: It is depot where cooler water been

6- Carburetor:It is supply fuel and air mixture.

7- Air filter: It cleans the air which get into cylinder

8- Manifolds (induction -exhaust):Pipes which carry air fuel mixture to cylinder and  burnt gases to outisde  

9- Oil Filter: clean the motor oil from foreign body 

10-Induction Coil( Firing): Increase the volt to  15.000-25,000 which come from battery

11- Spark Plug: Fire the oil and air mix
12- Regulator:
Translate to correct current which is done by dynamos and  order as 12 volt

13- Jet pump: To inject oil in diesel motors

14- Crank shaft:It is a shft where pistons connected.It takes its power from motor.

15- Piston: It act in the cylinder and transfer the act to crankshaft

16- Coonecting rod :It translate pistons linear acts to crank shaft.

17- Oil Pump:It transfer the oil in the crank to acted parts by pressure.

18- Fuel Pomp: It transfer the oil to carburetor by pressure.

19- Distributor: It transfer electrical energy to spark plugs during the firing line in oiled motors.

20- Starter  Motor:It gives the first act to motor. It translate electric energy to movement energy 

21- Alternator : Produce the electric energy  It translate movement energy to electric energy 

22- Water Pump : Helps to round the water in the cylinders.

23- Jet Pump:Transfer the fuel  to jets by pressure

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