Gear shaft


3-Gear shaft

Aim: To transfer the act from gear to differential

1- Must be turn smooth

2- Length will be changable.

3- Turn as angle

4- To use hollow  pupil

5- If shaft tear vehicle will be fall over.
6- If shaft balance will be out of order there will noise from shaft in some speeds.


4- Differantial

Aim:To transfer act from shaft to wheels as  broke 90 degree angle


1- Crown wheel

2- Beval gear

3- Axle gear

4- Pinion gear

5- Axle shaft


1- Gear oil used in differantial

2- If there is erosion between gears or no oil between them



1- Inner tube  Wheel : Whhels that have inner tube

2- Duplex Wheel :Wheels do not have inner tube

3- Radial Tyre: Wheels have broad based.

4- If wheel pressures is more than normal middle part is have more erosion.

5- If wheel pressure is less than normal side parts are have more erosion braking is not good.
6-If there is no balance turn is wheels there is vibration in wheels and in vehicles during driving.

7- If wheel gear depth is lower than 4 mm wheels must be changed.

8-Front wheels must be new If one of wheels is new and the other one is old there is vibration in cars.

9-Size are written on the wheels.

10-to check wheels one time daily.

11- Be careful to change them in the determined periods.





Aims: To slow down the acted vehicles , stopped them or fixed the stopped car. 


1- Brake main center

2- Wheel cylinder

3- Disc-brake drum

4- Brake hydraulic oil

5- Brake lining

6- Hand brake and lining

7- Foot pedal

8- Brake pipes

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