Motor and Vehicle Techiques




During runnin in time do not to sudden departures and stoppings.And do not drive same gear in long periods.First kilometres are the orientate periods.To make maintanence determined times which are announced in users guide. Otherwise there will be damage in engine



Aims: System which gives information to drivers about  fuel oil cooling lightening speed etc

Indicators in Vehicles

Kilometre indicator
Engine speed indicator

Daily  kilometre indicator

Speed indicator
Fuel indicator  (Yellow lamp is lightened when fule level is above determined level )

Oil indicator (It is the red light which  must be fade when the engine starts.)

Heat indicator

Charge Indicator. (It is the red light which  must be fade when the engine starts)

Choke indicator.

Parking brake indicator (t is the red light which shows thet parking brake is on )

Turn lights indicator.

Full illumination and  and dip illumination

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