Diesel Motors and Systems


Reasons of having air pressure in the engine of diesel motors:

1-When the fuel ends ,

2- When the clean of filters and mazaout -water seperator.

3- If there is any crackle or laxity in the system Motor have air pressure

Motor having air  doesnt work Oiled air filter used in diesel motors clean as washing the  gasoil.Heating plug is used in cold weather for working easily of diesel engines. In diesel engines when press the starter of vehicle starter of the motor turns but if motor doesnt work the reason of it will be plugged of fuel filter.




Prevent getting the engine oiled,erosion between parts which occurs with friction, to fiil the blanks and supply imperviousness



1- Sump: Relax the oil ,cool down an be depot for oil

2- Oil Pump: Sen oil to system as pressure

3- Oil dipstick: To show oil level

4- Oil gauge: Measure the oil pressure as electirical and sent to oil pressure gauge

5- Oil pressure gauge :Show the oil pressure in the systems 

Working: Oil pump also begin to work when the engine begins to work.Oil in carter case send to oil lines filtres from oil filter. Works end oil turns back to carter case from return pupils. While oil circulate in the system clean the dirts and helps cooling. When enter the carter case leave the dirties get cool and be ready dor going pupils again.

Engine Oil

Prevent erosion between parts which occurs with friction and also clean and cooling. 20 x 50 oils used in engines. It must be changed in determined times in guide book. It controls ın the daily maintanence. Engine  should be hot while changing.

Oil Filter

Supply the oil cleaning. It must be changed in determined times in guide book. In every two oil changes filter must be changed as a rule. When the oil lamp is lightened motor must be stopped.

Oil Dipstick

Show oil level .Oil level must be between 2 lines in the chekings.

Oil Gauge

To send oil working pressure to oil pressure gauge. If the cable is split off  current can not be transmitted.

Oil  Pressure Gauge

To show that lubrication system of engine works or not to driver.Some vehicles have manometer. But all the vehicles have red oil light . If there is danger about oiling red light is lightened. Also light in cater case.

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