Motor and Vehicle Tecniques Cooling System

If there is some differencies seen while driving , stop the engine immediately.

To check engine Oil
For checikng vehicle taken in a flat  basement. Motor is stopped. To wait 4-5 minutes for oil  gets down to carter . Oil gauge firs taken off cleaned ant put it back. and then taken off again and check the oil level. I it is in minus erosion is increase. Engine is getting hot and burnt.

Note: Reason of  increasing  the oil pressure in engine is to use wrong size of oil.If there is no oil in carter oil pressure is devrease. Reasons of decreasing engine oil:

1- When cylinder and heater elements is getting worse oil is decrease and blue gas is coming from exhaust.

2- If oil pan gasket is jagged oil is decrease.

3- When motor is too hot oil is vaporized and go out from carter aeration.

Note: If oil pan gasket is jagged or crack water joins the oil and colour of oil is dirty white.

Breaking in time

When the car is new or getting newer period  for working better  called beraking in. No speed in this period



Aims: To decrease the temperature which is occurs after burning and save in wanted heat limits.



1- Radiator: Cool the engine water and be depot for cooling water.

2- Circulation Pump: Circle the water as pressure between radiator and engine block.

3- Ventilator:Cool the radiator water. Otomatics called fan. If fan doesnt work problem may be in electricity system

4- Fan Belt:It is the circulation pump  and acted the ventilator.

5- Thermostat: To fix the Motor water heat on working heat. It is in the  exit of cylinder cover

6- Heat Gauge: Transmit the heat of engine water to temperature gauge.

7- Spout:To supply water circulation between engine block and radiator. It must be checked before winter and summer.

8- Temperature gauge. : To show Temperature of cooling water.


Thermostat is closed when the engine first working because engine is cold. Despite ventilator and circulation pump acts water do not send to radiator. When the water is cold thermostat stops again. Water circulation is goin on as like.

Reasons of Heat

1-If water level is law. To fill with water up of radiator.

2- If fan belt is laxty

a) Stretch of fan belt is should be  1-1.5 cm .If it is more flexible there will be heat

b) Alternator and circulation pump will be out of order if fan belt is too tight

3- Radiator and engine water pupils is closed engine will be heated. 

4-Not to drive in adequate gear. If drive on low gear engine will be heated.

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