Motor and Vehicle Tecniques


5- Not to open thermostat on time: If do not open on time heat will be occur

6-If fan out of order in systems with fan

7- If cellular of radiator is closed.

8- If fan belt is split off : In the split off circulation and ventilator is not act  so engine is heated. understand from loading light. 


1- If motor goes out of order it idles

2- If there is heat on motor open the radiator  tap by bleeding 

3- If cooling system decrease the level of water  gaskin of cylinder cover may be ripped or abduct from radiator trunk

4- If water get in to engine oil cylinder seal is burnt

5- If heat is increase oil is become thinner and engine is declining

6-If heat gauge is nor working gaugge will be out of order or connection line is split off

7- If engine doesnt reach working temperature afer vehicle works thermostat will be out of order If thermostat is open engine doesnt heated.
8- Cooling system water must be checked daily. Water must be clean as drinkable

9- If motor thermostat is taken out motor works cold heat lately and erosion is increasing

10- when to idle check to water level

11- Add to water to radiator in idle mode and add to motor when motor is cold. If motor is hot add warm and laqcking in lime

12-Add to antifreeze to radiator in winter for prevent the freezing of water.If not add the antifreeze water is freeze and block is cracked.

13- If engine is run hot  while there is enough water in cooling system thermostat will be out of order
14- If water is increasing in cooling system there will be lackage in the heather hose.

15- Also if radiator top is out of order motor is heated or water limit decrease in cooling system

16-Warm water must be add engine if itsa water level increasin due  to heat.






Charge the battery during engine works and feed the receivers.


1- Alternator : To translate mechanical energy to electrical energy during engine works.Charge the battery and fill it up.

2- Regulator:To prevent damage of system by tune the electricity which produce by alternator.

3- Charge Gauge: To show that system is working or not


When the key switch open oil and charge lambs are lighted. Fade when engine goes on Charging gauge shows that system is working or not to driver.when the charge lamp is lightened stop the engine

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