Nota Bene points during having own insurance

                                 Nota Bene points during having own insurance :

 Prices shouldnt having priority.Firms which pay the dameges most quickly and completely should be prefered.
 If your vehicle is new vehicle price in policy determined like turn-key price and if your vehicle is used like the same as market price.
 Be careful about assurances and acceptance bill which are given from personal accident insurance 
 To read general and personal provisions in policy. To check if there is guarentees lie strike earthquake, flood etc or not
 The another point which should be careful on is payment dates of policies. If you dont pay until 15 days which is written on poicies yıur insurance is consolidated. Ande do not pay the cost of damages which is occured after that day.
 To take voucher if you pay the cost of insurance by hand. 
  Be careful that if policy is index linked according to inflation or not .


Things which must be done after accident:
  After accident do not move your vehicles and call traffic police or traffic offices.
 To have alcohol control.
 Drivers can call the insurance office after  draw up recorsd and take his vehicle to repair yards.
 After that insurance office send expers for determining the damage current.

 To take photos which show the damages on your vehicle.

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