Note Bene points while preparing your vehicle to summer

         The best planing guide is catalogue of your vehicle. By reading catalogue , obey the service calendar and advices of producer.

Air Conditioner
A system which doesnt have any problems in normal conditions , may not be working in hot weathers. So controlled the system to
specialized clerk.

Cooling System
The firstly problem is temperature in summer journeys.Cooling system must be emptied , washed and filled again in every two years. To check the cooling water level and condition is level is increase add.Not to open radiator cap until the engine getting cold.

Change engine oil and filter on the time which is determined on the catalogue.( ın every 10 000 - 15 000 km) If changing date is near change before vacation. To have extra oil in your baggage against any reduction in engine oil level.

Engine Performance
Other filters ( air , fuel etc ) alsa can be changed on the time which is determined on the catalogue.  If there is problems in engine first act , faulty idling etc set them in the service.

Windshiel  Wiper
Summer holiday have suprises according to air conditions. May b eyou can drive in rainy or muddy places.To change hard bitten and damaged windshield wipers and take enough water for wipers near you.

Tyres and wheels

Do not go on journey with old tyres.To check and control your spare tyre. To check your tyre volume in every month.To change places of front and back tyres in every 8 000 - 10 000 km's

Car Jack
Be sure that your car jack in good condition


To control brakes on time which is determined on catalogue.If there are vibrations or noises checked them before control date.

Controlled your battery before journey because it can go out of oreder in any time of a year.To brush top of axle and top of cables to clean all sides and tighten the connections.If battery caps are opened control the water and add if necessary

Control all the lamps. To clean dirts with wet tissues

– There should be small repair kit , first aid kit , traveeling lamp mobile phone and pocket lamp in the vehicle.

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