Note Bene points while preparing your vehicle to winter

Be careful on V-belt
 V belt lost its specialities because its volume grew. If it is possible to use belt by tightened if not change the belt. Because floppy belt
effects the charge and reduce circulation speed of fan.
 To control the antifreeze
 Antifreeze must be used for prevent the freezing of water which is in radiator system.For  prevent cooling system to corrosion antifreeze must be used both in winter and summer.
 Before winter control , clean and if it is necessary change the air filter.
 Control the
windshield wipers
 If there is wears in front windshield wipers they should be changed for having best performance.Also you can change them easily.
 Check wheels external openings
 Cog Widths must be 3mm which provides to hold on road of vehicle.. If you dant want to slide on roads in winter control your wheels.
 Control electrical system
 If there is chicks in spark plug cables and distributors humidity can flow from there and damage the auto so control the electrical system before winter.
 To control oil always despite of periodical control
 long time using oil lost its protect facilities. .So it should be controlled before winter.
 Do not neglect wiper water
 Wiper water which does not have alcohol protect glass washing system from freezing until 0 degrees. In winter you need resistance much more. To check , repair or change the back glass resistance if there is need bfore winter.
 Check the heater
 Before winter you must control the heater and air conditioner systemsIn air conditioned vehicles pollen filter must be changed. 

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