Some rules in Highways

General Rules

Traffic Flow in Highways

   Traffic flows from right sides in Highways.

Drivers must ( if there is save as provided otherwise )
a) To drive right side of getting way and in multi lanes to drive according to their speed and road conditions. b) Before changing lanes to check the lane which will be entered.c) No to change lanes as delay or put in danger the traffic. d)Not to use the left lane continual Drivers who do not obey these rules are punished with a fine. 

To obey traffic signs : 

   Ordering as above a) Obey the tarffic police or
authorized person who have special clothes or carrying signs b) Traffic lights, c) Traffic sign plaques, d) Rules bans or urgencies which determined in regulations. If drivers do not obey the  STOP signs of police mens the red lights and audible signs are punished with fine.

To drive with alcohol drugs or some things which make tipsy:
   It is forbidden to drive with alcohol drugs etc. These drivers are prohibited from driving. No smoking in  public transportation vehicles. If it is determined that drivres drink more than determined by rules driving licence taken back for the first time during 3 months and second time during one year. Also punished with a fine. For the third time driving licence can be take back during 5years and have 
imprisonment in a minimum-security prison and also punished with a fine.
If drive with drugs these people have
imprisonment in a minimum-security prison for 6 months and and also punished with a fine.Their driving licence can take back for an indefinite period

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