Traffic Lights

Red Light



Yellow Light

Be Ready and Be Careful

Be Ready

Green Light



Foot pavement is a road which belongs to pedastrians in the two sides of streets.
We should use right side  foot pavements during walkings and help old pepeople childrens and handicappes.
Crossroads is the comon area which  consist of intersection of 2 or more highways.Must be obey the traffic police men signs traffic lights and traffic plaques
If there is underpass or bridges or crossover pass from there. Use right side of them

If we are pedestrian in nights rainy and foggy weather we must do :
1.      We must wear cast clothes in nights
2.       We must take a lamp to our hand
3.      Reflector must be in our clothes or carrying materials.

Vehicles must give first passing rights to students.But some drivers do not obey this rules.
The adequate place for passing one side to another is the place where traffic police been
All the drivers must decrease their speeds when get closer to crosswalk and give the first passing rights to pedestrians. For pedestrians before passing must check the right-left-right sides as this order and be careful about vehicles speed.It is dangerous to pass front or back from of vehicles.

If there is policemen traffic lights traffic signs and traffic plaquates are together  firstly obey :
1.      Traffic police
2.      Traffic lights
3.      Trafik signs and plaques

Elements of directing and coordinating the traffic :
1.      Traffic police
2.      Traffic lights
3.      Traffic signs and plaques
4.      Road lines

If traffic lights do not work first be slowndown when get closer to crossroads then pass. Do not forget that who enter the crossroad first passing right is belong to him and if 2 vehicles enter the croosroad at the same time right side have the first passing rights. 

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