Alcohol test is very important for traffic safety. If police determined that driver is drunk , he can take his driving licence back for 6 months and driver punished with small fine

If the same driver make same mistake he also punished with small fine and take his driving licence for 2 years.In the third time his driving licence can taken back for 5 years and draw jail terms for minimum 6months.After 5 year he have mental dests and controlled by shrink if his conditions are agrreable he could take his driving licence back.

Alcohol effects changed according to age sex driving experience but these are not very important differences to effect safety driving.From 0.2promil alcohol level alcohol be more effective on driving.


In our country driving with alcohol is prohibited for commercial vehicle drivers and drivers who are working in public service. For other drivers alcohol limit is 0.50 promil alcohol in one liter

In calculation of promil alcohol gravity and volume of blood is important. For example 0.50 promil explain that in 100 mililiter blood there will be 50 miligram alcohol and calculation done like 50:100=0.50 promil

Measurement Level promil calculation(miligram alcohol/mililiter blood) quantitiy of alcohol ın 1 liter alcohol volume in blood*
0.2 Promil 20 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (20:100=0.2) 0.2 gram alcohol %0.025 (per thousand0.25 alcohol)
0.5 Promil 50 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (50:100=0.5) 0.5 gram alcohol % 0.063 (per thousand0.63 alcohol)
0.8 Promil 80 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (80:100=0.8) 0.8 gram alcohol % 0.1 (per thousand1 alcohol)
1 Promil 100 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (100:100=1) 1 gram alcohol % 0.13 (per thousand1.3 alcohol)
1.5 Promil 150 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (150:100=1.5) 1.5 gram alcohol % 0.19 (per thousand1.9 alcohol)
2 Promil 200 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (200:100=2) 2 gram alcohol % 0.25 (per thousand2.5 alcohol)
3 Promil 300 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (300:100=3) 3 gram alcohol % 0.38 (per thousand3.8 alcohol)
4 Promil 400 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (400:100=4) 4 gram alcohol % 0.5 (per thousand5 alcohol)
5 Promil 500 mg alcohol/100 ml blood (500:100=5) 5 gram alcohol % 0.6 (per thousand6 alcohol)
*gravity of one  1 mililiter alcoho 0.789 gram, volume of 1 gram alcohol is 1.268 mililiter


Alcohol level changes according to drinks so it is too difficult to determine how much alcohol is taken. Burning of alcohol in body takes a long period and it is change to ever person health conditions weight etc.

If there is 6 liter blood in body and he takes 3 gram alcohol it means that he get closer or over the legal limits. Esp. beer and wine known as light drinks bur if dirink too much they become dangerous. Alcohol limits of some drinks are shown below.


Most people believe that to drink coffee doing exercises or sleeping is getting faster evacuation of alcohol.But this is wrong. Evacuation of alcohol needs time and working of liver.

After taking alcohol perceptin is getting worse.Also drunks are have more and more bravery and this cause lots of accidents. If you take alcohol in special days use taxi or some else who doesnt drink will drive car instead of you.


The main aim of alcohol control is to determine tle leve lof alcohol which is in blood and recognize that it is dangerous for driving or not

Times , conditions and frequencies are determined by laws. If drivers make an objection his blood are taken by educated personnel and sen the criminial offices for checking. And make decision according to repoert results

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