Motor and Vehicle Technique Lesson


7- Induction manifold: It supply that get into  fuel  - air mix from carburator to cylinder

8- Exhaust  manifold:It supply to get out burnt gases which is in cylinder

Working of System : The fuel which taken from depot go to carburator when press the starter of vehicle Carburator mix the 1 unit fuel with 15 unit air and to set cylinder.


Term of Carburator

1- Choke Term : It supply to work the motor easier in cold waters. Lush mix  occurs. If choke term is forgetten open fuel comsumption is increase. eand colour of exhaust is black.

2- Idle Term : Working by ownself without pushing the gas. If idle turn is out of order motor works irregularly or stop 

3-Grab Term :Send the additional fuel from carburator to cylinder when push the gas sudden.

4- Speed Term: Term that more fuel go from carburator to cylinder when to push gas pedal to the bitter end

5- Power Term: Gas pedal term when push the pedal.  Fix the air - fuel mix quantity as the level of pushing gas pedal

Note:If tune of valve is out of order mmotors work irregularly.Fuel comsumption is increasin in sudden stops and  departures. If motor stops after heating carburator sould be checked. During fill with oil motor must bu stopped. If there is foreign body in fuel  motors works irregularly . Do not push gas pedal while car is not working.

If there is blast in exhaust , it means thatthere is a hole in  exhaust stoppers or pipes There is no carburator in the vehiclers with injection systems. Fuel in the injection mix with air and then send to cylinder


Fuel System in Diesel Motors

Aims: To supply firing end of the compression time by pump to cylinder   




1- Fuel depot

2- Fuel level gauge

3- Feeding Pump : pull fuel from depot and send to injection pump.

4- Fuel filter: To clean foreign things which go to system.It is between depot and injektor pump

5- Mazaut and water seperator : System which seperates mazaut from fuel
6- Mazaut-injection pump: Make the fule high pressure and send to injektor.

7- Air Filter:Clean air which taken in to cylinder.

8- High Pressure Pipes: Steel pipes which carry high pressure fuels from fuel injection pump to injector.

9- Injections:

Working of system: Fuel which taken from depot by the help of injection pomp go to injection pump. Injection supply firing as pumping the fuel on the heated and clean air.

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